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Maxalt (rizatriptan)

Maxalt is used in the treatment of headaches during a migraine.

Can I get Maxalt online?

If you have previously been diagnosed as suffering from migraines then The Online Clinic can prescribe Maxalt for you. You need to complete a short online medical questionnaire first.

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What is Maxalt?

Maxalt, otherwise known as rizatriptan, is a member of a class of agents called 5HT receptor agonists. This medicine may also be referred to as a ‘triptan’. Maxalt acts on receptors of a chemical normally found in the brain called 5HT (or serotonin). Blood vessels in the brain expand during a migraine attack causing headache pain. Maxalt stimulates the receptors, causing constriction of the swollen blood vessels in the brain.

How to use Maxalt

Maxalt is a tablet that is available in two forms: a ‘standard’ tablet and a dissolvable (or lyophilisate) tablet called Maxalt Melt. The dose of both Maxalt forms is usually 10 mg. The ‘standard’ tablet should be swallowed with water (not chewed or sucked). The dissolvable tablet should be put on the tongue, allowed to dissolve, and swallowed with saliva. The dissolvable is convenient when you cannot get a drink, or if you feel or are sick when you take tablets. Maxalt works best when taken on an empty stomach but you can also use it after food.

Maxalt should be taken as soon as the migraine headache starts, but not beforehand as it will not prevent the onset of a migraine attack. Once you have taken a tablet, you can take another tablet after two hours if the migraine symptoms return within 24 hours. Only two tablets are allowed in any one 24-hour period. Your doctor will inform you of exactly when and how to take it. Contact your doctor immediately if you take too much.

Who can use Maxalt?

Maxalt is for use by adults who are aged 18-65 years and suffer migraines. The medicine is not recommended for children (younger than 18 years) or older people (more than 65 years). Maxalt should not be taken if you have an allergy to any of the constituents (note that the tablets contain lactulose, and the dissolvable tablets incorporate a source of phenylalanine).

You must notify your doctor if you have risks associated with heart disease, e.g., high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, chest pain/tightness, or you are a smoker, a postmenopausal woman, or a 40+ year-old man. Additionally, inform your doctor about all your medicines, including those you have recently been taking or may start taking, particularly other 5HT agonists (i.e., ‘triptans’), any type of antidepressant (even St John's Wort), methysergide, and ergotamine therapies. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant (or think you may be) or breast-feeding. It is recommended not to breast feed for 24 hours after taking Maxalt.

Maxalt Side Effects

People taking Maxalt most commonly feel dizzy, drowsy and tired. Also common are tingling, palpitations, face flushing, headache, feeling/being sick, chest pain, stomach pain, a ‘heavy’ feeling, and stiffness. Less frequently, unsteadiness, visual disturbances, sweating, a ‘tight’ feeling, muscle weakness/pain, high blood pressure, and changes in heartbeat are reported. Some of these effects could be the symptoms of migraine.

Some people may have fits, heart problems, numb hands and feet, or peeling skin. You may have signs of an allergic reaction (e.g., rash, itching, face/lips/tongue/throat swelling, or breathing problems), and while an allergic reaction is rare, these should be reported immediately to your doctor. This also applies to any signs of stroke, heart attack, or ‘serotonin syndrome’ (that is when you experience changes in blood pressure, loss of consciousness, lack of coordination, high body temperature, anxiety, and hallucinations). Whatever the side effect, your doctor would like to know if you are worried about any adverse event.

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