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Can I buy treatment for gonorrhoea?

If you have tested positive for gonorrhoea, then you need to be seen face to face in local clinic for an intramuscular injection of a medication called Ceftriaxone. Please do not guess that you have gonorrhoea based on your symptoms - getting tested is essential. If you need access to testing by post, then there is information on how to do this further down the page.

What is Gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection that is transmitted via sexual intercourse. Gonorrhoea affects the urethra, vagina, rectum and the throat. If gonorrhoea is left untreated then it can cause significant problems for patients. Although gonorrhoea is becoming resistant to some antibiotics, most cases in the UK are relatively easy to treat but retesting a few weeks after treatment is essential - even if your symptoms disappear. We recommend no sexual contact until a negative test result has been confirmed.

Gonorrhoea Symptoms

Most men will have symptoms with gonorrhea and these normally appear within 5 days of the infection being acquired. These symptoms normally include pain when passing urine and a discharge from the urethra. Many women do not have symptoms of a gonorrhoea infection but common symptoms include an unusual discharge and pelvic pain.

Getting Tested

If you only suspect that you have gonorrhea then you can get tested with The STI Clinic, a convenient lab-based testing service accessed online and completed by post. The STI Clinic can process gonorrhea tests in under 24 hours from the time they receive your sample. Men can provide a urine sample and women can take a vaginal swab and return it in a reply paid envelope to the lab. This service can also be used for retesting after treatment.

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