Hello your website has not been allowing orders for some time now.

Please can you clairy when this will be fixed? There is no information on your Twitter either.



Forum Admin 04 May 2017

We are making some significant changes introduced by our regulator in the area of digital prescribing. We are currently making substantial changes to our clinical governance and this involves a full risk assessment in all of the areas where we offer treatment and care. We will be back again at the end of May/early June and we will be in touch with all patients at that time.

Please accept

Red127 20 Dec 2013

I think I have a skin allergy because my hands get dry and cracked. However, I do not know the underlying cause so do you think you can still prescribe something for me? I want to solve this ASAP. I tried avoiding chalk (I use it for work) but that doesn't work either and doesn't completely heal my hands. What do I need? thanks

ameliaowen 21 Oct 2022

An allergy, such as nickel or a chemical in soap, lotion, or sunscreen, comes into contact with your skin. Atopic dermatitis can also be brought on by airborne particles like pollen. This may be referred to by your doctor as "airborne contact dermatitis." In some circumstances, you won't experience a reaction until after being in the sun.

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Hello, I have a very persistent hay fever and it comes at random times of the year. I understand the consultation is free but I would like to know what options I have exactly and whether you think they would solve my problem? I've tried hay fever medications before but was never able to block the symptoms for more than half an hour!

Administrator 25 Oct 2013

There is a new medication called Dymista that is more successful than its predecessors. There is also the option of a daily medication called Grazax that is a form of immunotherapy, which should eventually resolve your hay fever completely.

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