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Can I Buy Norethisterone Online?

The Online Clinic is happy to prescribe Norethisterone 5mg to women who wish to delay their period until a more convenient time. Simply complete a consultation form that will be reviewed by one of our doctors. After you have been approved, you can buy Norethisterone online.

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What is Norethisterone?

Norethisterone is a synthetic form of progesterone. Progesterone is a female sex hormone that is naturally occurring in the body. Small doses of the hormone prevent the egg from being released by the ovaries and cause the lining of the womb to thicken. This is the function of progesterone in pregnancy. If a fertilized egg does not attach itself to the womb then the lining is lost in the form of a period. If the egg attaches itself to the womb, the levels of progesterone in the body remain high. By keeping these levels high artificially, a period is prevented.

As well as being used to delay a period, Norethisterone is also used to treat premenstrual syndrome, irregular periods, period pain, unusually heavy menstrual bleeding, and menopausal syndrome. It is also used to treat breast cancer in high doses although exactly how it works is not fully understood. It is believed to have the ability to disrupt the pituitary gland releasing hormones and acts on the tumours directly. The Online Clinic will only prescribe Norethisterone in doses to be used to delay a period. If you are seeking Norethisterone for another purpose then you should consult with a doctor face to face.

How do I take Norethisterone?

The tablets are taken for the length of time you want to delay your period although it is not advisable to stay on this drug for long periods of time.

A period will commence one to two days after the last tablet has been taken. If a period does not arrive, it is vital that you take a pregnancy test before going back on Norethisterone.

Norethisterone should be taken roughly around the same time each day. If one dose is forgotten it is important not to take 2 tablets at the same time. A dose of 5mg is taken three times per day and commences three days before a period is due.

How effective is Norethisterone?

Norethisterone is very effective in delaying a period and is used by women if they want to avoid a period before a special occasion such as a holiday. Norethisterone is widely used and safe.

Who Should Not Take Norethisterone?

If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, if you have any history of thromboembolism, chest pain or heart attack, liver or kidney problems then do not take Norethisterone. Please answer all the questions on the consultation form truthfully and this will ensure your safety.

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What are the side effects of Norethisterone?

Side effects accompany all medications but it is important to remember that most people do not get any side effects at all. All of the potential side effects will be listed in the pre-purchase guidance if the patient has received doctor approval for a prescription for Norethisterone. It is rare for Norethisterone 5mg taken 3 times daily to cause any side effects at all.

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Date: 26 October 2023
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