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       I just want to say how amazing Saxenda is! I cannot believe it, since starting to use it on Tuesday of this week I haven't even thought about food let alone felt hungry.
It's an astonishing product, thank you.
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Are you based in the U.K.? I mentioned this to my GP, had never heard of saxenda and was not able to prescribe it to me. Waiting to hear on this website the Cost of the drug, but imagine it will be expensive!

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Yes, We are based in the UK. 

If you register then we can carry out an assessment. Saxenda is expensive unfortunately....

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I dont think sexandra is expencive as if you go to the likes of weight watchers etc etc it costs 

A just to go

B to buy all the food in they require you to eat i really think this is a cheap option with fantastic results.

Just my opinion though.

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