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Saxenda injectins

Saavi 26 Aug 2019
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hi, I loved Reductil it worked amazing and with no side effects. What is there that’s similar to this?!? I’ve tried orl and nothing, I’m too much of a wimp to try the injections! And I bought mysimba, but haven’t read any real reviews so a bit apprehensive on that too! HELP! I just want to lose weight! 🙈😌

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I‘ve just received my first packet of MySimba and have read the enclosed leaflet several times. I am concerned about the side effects. Is anyone taking this now and how do you personally get on?


Vikki_e81 14 Jun 2018

Hi I bought mysimva ages ago and have been too scared to take them! Can anyone tell me if they work, and what side effects were like?

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Pusskat 24 Feb 2017
       I just want to say how amazing Saxenda is! I cannot believe it, since starting to use it on Tuesday of this week I haven't even thought about food let alone felt hungry.
It's an astonishing product, thank you.
Mrmac 11 Sep 2018

I dont think sexandra is expencive as if you go to the likes of weight watchers etc etc it costs 

A just to go

B to buy all the food in they require you to eat i really think this is a cheap option with fantastic results.

Just my opinion though.

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chrishamilton 24 Feb 2017

Good evening, thought I would share my experiences with you with the new injection

It arrived promptly yesterday, so today is day one, followed recommended dosage, never felt any pain when I did the injection, and I have had no side effects so far today, have not felt hungry , if anything my mouth might be a bit dry but nothing to get upset by. 

So will see how I get on in next few days, anyone else new to this new diet injection

applepie 23 Apr 2016

i have been using Xenical for several years off and on. Can someone tell me about this injection and how it compares to a drug like Xenical please?

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