hi, I loved Reductil it worked amazing and with no side effects. What is there that’s similar to this?!? I’ve tried orl and nothing, I’m too much of a wimp to try the injections! And I bought mysimba, but haven’t read any real reviews so a bit apprehensive on that too! HELP! I just want to lose weight! 🙈😌

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I‘ve just received my first packet of MySimba and have read the enclosed leaflet several times. I am concerned about the side effects. Is anyone taking this now and how do you personally get on?


Vikki_e81 14 Jun 2018

Hi I bought mysimva ages ago and have been too scared to take them! Can anyone tell me if they work, and what side effects were like?

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Pusskat 24 Feb 2017
       I just want to say how amazing Saxenda is! I cannot believe it, since starting to use it on Tuesday of this week I haven't even thought about food let alone felt hungry.
It's an astonishing product, thank you.
Mrmac 11 Sep 2018

I dont think sexandra is expencive as if you go to the likes of weight watchers etc etc it costs 

A just to go

B to buy all the food in they require you to eat i really think this is a cheap option with fantastic results.

Just my opinion though.

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Hello everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am an assistant in a publishers office. May I request from you regarding your healthy recipes you will serve this coming Christmas? Just want to spend the holidays with a healthy diet but still appetizing.

chrishamilton 24 Feb 2017

Good evening, thought I would share my experiences with you with the new injection

It arrived promptly yesterday, so today is day one, followed recommended dosage, never felt any pain when I did the injection, and I have had no side effects so far today, have not felt hungry , if anything my mouth might be a bit dry but nothing to get upset by. 

So will see how I get on in next few days, anyone else new to this new diet injection

applepie 23 Apr 2016

i have been using Xenical for several years off and on. Can someone tell me about this injection and how it compares to a drug like Xenical please?

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islandlass 26 Jan 2015

Has anyone used the diet pen is it any good 

alinutza 19 Aug 2016

I used xenical I lost weight but I stopped when I got double weight. My problem is appetite, always hungry .Do you think that injection will help me?

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What are the side effects for Orlistat?

I would want to consider a medication for weight loss but I want to make sure it would not give me any other problems. If I fill out an online consultation would I get a chance to ask questions to the doctor that does the assessment? Also, how long is a treatment for weight loss generally? And how will the medication arrive? Will the box say "orlistat"?

Administrator 18 Dec 2013

All packaging is very discreet and will not mention the name of the medication or indeed us on the outside. You can have the opportunity to engage with a doctor online after you have registered. The length of treatment will depend on the progress that you make. We can give you more specific advice if you register with us as a patient.

Ladybug 01 Nov 2013

Hi Freddy J69,

I totally agree with you: lowering the intake of food is the only way, along with increasing the amount of exercise. However, I've done this for a month without much success. I've just started xenical and it feels like my efforts are being rewarded more. Let's see what happens and hope for the best!

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