Hi, was wondering if someone could help me. I tested positive for chlamydia and now need treatment. Can I order the medication from here? how will the medication arrive? Its a very private matter and dont want the package to give away whats inside. Also, how long after should I retest? Thank you

Pineapple 09 Jun 2015

Thanks! I was wondering about the packaging too. That puts my mind to rest.

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Hiya I understand you cannot give medical advice here but this is a general question. When would you recommend an STI test? I mean I don't have any symptoms and I don't think I am at risk though I have just changed my sexual partner. So when should one really get tested? Cheers

Administrator 18 Dec 2013

You can test at any time. If there is a particular sexual event that you are concerned about then around 14 days would be an adequate time to wait for a reliable result for common sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia.

Hello, I read you would provide different treatments for genital warts but what do you reccommend for a patient who has 3 warts? Also, how do I make sure it's genital warts and not something else? Thanks

Administrator 27 Nov 2013

We will only prescribe treatments for warts if the lesions are definitely warts. We can perform a photo assessment if you are registered with us. We do the photo assessment free of charge.


I have had a strong constant headache lately and I've felt really tired.

I've noticed these symptoms after my last (unprotected) sexual intercourse.

I also have red patches on my genital area but they are not painful and don't itch. I do have one blister-looking inflammation though but should I be worried about it?

Could this be herpes? Has anybody had similar symptoms?

Administrator 23 Apr 2013

You should definitely get this checked out. If you cannot make a trip to your GUM clinic or your GP, there is an online service at www.thegumclinic.com that does postal kits. The service is fast and discreet.

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