Have tried practically all of the pills, including one which was supposed to last all weekend but did not even start except for a screaming headache.

I can not afford the injections, far too dear. 

Administrator 24 Apr 2014

If you are registered with us then please send us an e-mail and we can give you specific advice based on your medical record. You may be eligible for a discount as well, so this would make the options more affordable.

Hi, I was just wondering if your service would help me understand which pill would work best for me? I've never tried any and I would not want to try something that does not work or that works for too long. I've looked up generic sildenafil as well but just want to make sure...is that safe and would you prescribe it? Thanks

Administrator 25 Oct 2013

If it is appropriate to do so, we can prescribe an evaluation pack so that you determine which medication works best for you.

Surely you must be loosing business, other companies have a policy of discrete biliing. I am not even making this point because of "Erectile Dysfunction", I would have the same opinion if it were for pain killers or hair loss.

Administrator 26 Jul 2013

The billing is very discreet. It appears on the card statement as Online Medical Service. We have only lost one patient so far because of our billing descriptor. When we changed the billing descriptor a few years ago to OMS Limited, it caused confusion and patients wanted something clearer without mentioning the website so we changed back.

I have bought Viagra before from the site but I've never tried Cialis. Is it worth trying? I have never had problems with Viagra but I was just curious as to whether it would be a better option for me? Thanks 

Administrator 18 Dec 2013

If you require specific medical advice about the best option for you, you need to ask these questions through your patient record or by e-mail so that we can tailor our advice to your specific situation.

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dlh247 20 Apr 2013

the last time i bought 4 x cialis 20mg i paid £38 with a private script i got off my gp so why is the online clinic charging almost double that amount for the same product?

Administrator 23 Apr 2013

Please remember that your GP's services are paid for by the taxpayer. The price that we charge reflects a private medical practice and overnight courier. We also offer discounts for larger quantities as there is a fixed cost to providing the prescription so this brings down the average cost per tablet. Buying just 4 at a time is not the most cost efficient way of purchasing this medication.

geordie2704 29 Mar 2013

Is there anyway to get Kamagra legally in the UK?

Administrator 29 Mar 2013

Kamagra is not licensed in the UK. However, Kamagra contains Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra so you can get Viagra prescribed if it is appropraite for you. Never buy unlicensed medications as you really don't know what you are getting. Always use a regulated clinic or pharmacy if buying online.

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