Reeny 20 Dec 2016



I was put on dianette by my GP for my acne, and it worked wonders. My skin was flawless and I was really happy.

However as soon as I stopped taking the pill I lost all my hair. My hair was falling out in clumps. Is this a normal side effect? My acne is now better but not as flawless as it use to be. Has anyone used the contraceptive to fight acne?

Administrator 20 Dec 2016

You need to see your GP about this matter.  This is not normal.

Hi, I've been on cerazette pill for a year now.

I feel fine and would like to continue this treatment. If I do a free consultation, how long will it take before a doctor would prescribe it to me if appropriate? I am on my last pack and don't want to risk being without.

Administrator 18 Nov 2013

Your consultation will be processed very quickly - usually just a few minutes but it can take up to an hour if we are really busy. All orders received before 4.00 pm are disaptched the same day and you will have it before 1.00 pm the next day. If you order now then you will have your pack tomorrow.


I have been on Loestrin 20 for a couple of years now but how do I know if it is still the right one for me? I don't have massive side effects but sometimes I get really weird cravings and nausea. Therefore I wonder if I should change it?

I'm thinking of talking to my GP about it. If I decide to change, can I still get the new type of pill from The Online Clinic?

Finally, is it normal to have to change the contraceptive pill after a couple of years?


Administrator 13 Aug 2013

It is not unusual to have to change contraceptive pills based on side effects.  You should discuss the matter with your GP in the first instance.

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