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by Robert MacKay, Tuesday, April 23, 2013 | Categories: Diet Pills

Another young student has died in the UK after taking a potentially toxic chemical that has been unscrupulously marketed as a diet pill. Dinitrophenol (DNP) was originally used as a pesticide but was subsequently used in the US in the 1930s as a weight loss aid after it was discovered to be highly effective at increasing the metabolic rate. The drug had to be withdrawn in 1938 after a series of adverse events, including death.

The mechanism of action of DNP is not understood and it is undoubtedly an interesting compound but there is no way that this substance should be used as a diet pill given what we know about its potential for harm.  Any product that facilitates the thermogenic process will be of interest to scientists in the area of obesity management but this particular product appears to allow heat to be generated at high levels, with all the concomitant dangers that one would expect.

Typical side effects associated with DNP include vomiting, dizziness, sweating, headaches and palpitations. Extreme cases lead to coma and death. This product is available online but should be avoided at all costs. If you want to lose weight, speak to your doctor.

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